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Nicholas Lawrence Presents

12 Invisible Elastic Bands



Hands Down These Are The Best Quality & Most Affordable Invisible Bands On The Market..and the Best Deal!!

(12 Bands Included)



Nicholas Lawrence Presents


$9.95 $14.95

Instant Download // This Effect Exclusively Works on iPhone (iPad) IOS Instagram APP

Learn how to visually remove objects from photos on your actual Instagram! You’ll also learn how to Visually Toss, Slide and Throw  the objects back into your phone!

Dont Have Instagram? That’s ok.. It’s easy to sign up and post your Slider Photo’s to start performing immediately! 

This is a deceptive method that uses the Instagram app and You can even use a Borrowed iPhone.

No Magic Apps necessary and uses an authentic singular photo posted on your Instagram account! 

Learn How To Genuinely Manipulate Real Instagram Photos With This Devious Secret

(Impromptu & Gimmicked handlings taught)

This effect will not work with Android


Nicholas Lawrence Presents



These Photos are specifically edited to work with SLIDER.

Download for Free to access 3 photos.

* U.S Quarter

* Folded Red Bicycle Card

* Standard White Die

Nicholas Lawrence Presents


$29.95 $34.95

 The Original Flying Pen Cap Effect.. Just Got Better!  

-A pen cap fly’s through the air and cap’s back onto the pen! Then have it examined! 

(Gimmicked Pen Included + 30 Minute Tutorial)

Pull out a pen, have it examined.. then teach your spectator a simple trick, hold the cap close to the pen then it snaps back to the pen..

Now.. this time you do it again but from a DISTANCE! Hold the cap and let go, it suddenly fly’s through the air and re-cap’s on to the pen from up to 3 feet away!

Immediately hand out the pen for examination without a Switch! No Sticky stuff or Fragile materials to break.. Repeat the effect, No Reset.

The gimmick is self contained and durable, perform with confidence! Nothing is attached to your body! 

BONUS: Learn the Original Distance


Nicholas Lawrence Presents

12 Micro Magnets (Round)


12 Tiny circular magnets! Each magnet is 0.4 mm Thick.. That’s almost as thin as a standard playing card!

Ps. All the magnets in this photo are glued down, they are extremely strong and if they were not glued these magnets would be instantly attracted to one another.. I just thought the aesthetics of the photo was worth it.. 😂 


"A creative Force in close-up Magic!"

Shin Lim

"Nicholas empowers you with the tools needed for some of the most direct visual magic. Clever and creative."

Garrett Thomas

"Nicholas’ work consistently delivers beautiful, highly visual impact effects on the level that all of us grew up wanting magic to have…His designs create what REAL magic would look like.."

Jason Latimer