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Nicholas Lawrence Presents

REVAMP by Nicholas Lawrence


A bill is shown on both sides. The performer tears a sizable corner of the bill showing that it’s definitely ripped. Then the corner is tossed onto the bill and visually restores. The bill can immediately be handed out for examination.

The visuals on this are unbelievable. Your audience will freak out because you can end completely clean. The bill you tear is the bill they examine. You receive a fully constructed gimmick ready to perform right out of the box. You will learn two crazy visual restorations using the Revamp gimmick, and Lawrence even teaches you how to perform the effect with borrowed money that can be signed. Perform the most visual bill restoration in history with Nicholas Lawrence’s Revamp.

Nicholas Lawrence Presents

VPM-4D By Nicholas Lawrence


(Reserve Yours Today - Shipping Mid-December 2020)


Each gimmick is custom printed and then handmade by Nicholas Lawrence. These gimmicks take appx 1.5 hr to construct and are very complex, yet very easy to perform!

(The gimmick is fragile but will last if used with care)

The VPM-4D gimmick is multi functional allowing multiple phases, which means individual pip movement as well you can make all the pips to move in sync! Giving you a 4 phased ink matrix routine, in that aspect there is Nothing like VPM-4D on the market Today.. 

This isn’t just a visual magic trick, it’s Art and a piece of modern magic history..


(Free Domestic Shipping + Tracking)

Nicholas Lawrence Presents

12 Micro Magnets (Round)


12 Tiny circular magnets! Each magnet is 0.4 mm Thick.. That’s almost as thin as a standard playing card!

Ps. All the magnets in this photo are glued down, they are extremely strong and if they were not glued these magnets would be instantly attracted to one another.. I just thought the aesthetics of the photo was worth it.. 😂 

Nicholas Lawrence Presents

Unboxing 2.0


This is the evolution to one of my most popular effects. A visual card box vanish called 'Unboxing. This time around, there’s a Streamlined fully constructed gimmick included! Utilizing Hondo Chen’s Modernized Flap design and My Uboxing method, I present to you the cleanest, most visual box Vanish! Limited supply. (Gimmick and matching Bicycle box included)

Nicholas Lawrence Presents

U3 - Color Changing Box


This is a visual color changing box that can be examined. Originally this concept was released as Unboxing: Box vanish..Since then i have made countless variations using different artwork to create another illusion. U3 is a visual Blue to Red color change, and in utilizing Hondo Chen's revolutionary flap design, this is the cleanest and most visual color change on the market.. (Gimmick and matching Bicycle box included)


"A creative Force in close-up Magic!"

Shin Lim

"Nicholas empowers you with the tools needed for some of the most direct visual magic. Clever and creative."

Garrett Thomas

"Nicholas’ work consistently delivers beautiful, highly visual impact effects on the level that all of us grew up wanting magic to have…His designs create what REAL magic would look like.."

Jason Latimer