Nicholas Lawrence Presents



Reserve your copy Now and guarantee to get yours before everyone else!! One of my oldest inventions brought to life, almost 20 years in the making!! 

WHAT IS SHARPSHIFTER?! Teleporting ink, Jumping/flying caps, Mindreading, scent manipulation..endless possibilities!

There’s a taste but You’ll just have to wait and see.. I can tell you this, the possibilities are truly endless and will come with 15+ effects/ideas you can perform right out the box with a Sharpie marker that can be examined before, during and after! Say what?! 

A practical and clever gimmick that is perfect for LIVE close up magic!! Sharpshifter is undetectable, Precision made gimmick included with your purchase. 

Estimated release date MAY 2024… it’s worth the wait! 

Yes.. this is the perfect EDC.. Trust me :)


• Visual effects


• Gags

• Endless possibilities