"Another triumph for Nicholas Lawrence! He has created a supremely clever multi-purpose EDC that’s more like a weapon of mass deception. The only difficult thing is deciding which one of the MANY routines you’ll use to slay your audiences.”  

—  Gregory Wilson


1 Hour 20 Minute Tutorial 

40 Minute Peter Turner segment

1 x SharpShifter Gimmick

1 x Standard Sharpie

One of my oldest inventions brought to life, almost 20 years in the making!! 

WHAT IS SHARPSHIFTER?! A deceptive gimmick compatible with a fine tip Sharpie marker. The Main effects focus on Teleporting ink, Jumping caps & mind bending Mentalism … many more fun ideas involving scent , Hypnosis, bending & vanishing your sharpie!

The possibilities are truly endless! It will come with 15+ effects/ideas you can perform with a Sharpie marker that can be examined before, during and after!

No Reset, instantly repeatable.. Say what?! 

A Brand New, practical and clever gimmick that is perfect for LIVE close up magic!! SharpShifter is inconspicuous, a precision made gimmick that’s always ready to go!

Yes.. this is the perfect EDC

• Magic

• Mentalism

• Endless possibilities…



  • Whats Cappening? My take on the jumping cap plot, multiple phases of a sharpie visually re-capping itself.. 
  • Double Dot - Simple effect where a dot vanishes from your spectators hands and appears on your hand. 
  • Dot Thought - An extended version of Double dot with a touch of mentalism, after revealing the dot vanishes and appears on your palm you can also reveal a thought in your spectators mind. 
  • Shcribble - Have your spectator random doodle a small drawing without looking, you can re-create this drawing perfectly. 
  • Tongue Artist - A strange and fun way to draw on your tongue revealing a spectators thought using only your mouth! (No actual Sharpie ink is drawn on your tongue, learn how to achieve this effect taught in detail in the tutorial)
  • Vanishing sharpie - Just as it sounds, wrap up your sharpie in a napkin and crumble it up! Make the sharpie appear anywhere! Also, learn how to Vanish a sharpie with no cover, one handed!  
  • Bending sharpie - Bend a sharpie like rubber and instantly return it back to its solid form. 
  • Appearing ring in hand - Draw a circle on your palm and impossibly transform the drawing into a finger ring! A great opening effect for any ring routine..
  • Ring link - 2 phase ring through sharpie effect.
  • Hypno Lock - Hypnotize your spectator so they are unable to open a sharpie, take it back and show them how easy it is to open.. give it back to them and they still can’t open it… End the effect by ending the hypnotic state and they can open the sharpie. 


  • Shympathetic - Show 2 ordinary sharpies, place 1 inside a bag. Everything you do to one sharpie will mysteriously happen to the sharpie inside the bag. From opening the cap to closing it, end the routine by bending the clip and the other sharpie bends on it own! You can also end with a reveal drawn inside the bag mimicking what your spectator draws on a piece of paper. My take on the sympathetic/Voodoo plot.
  • Sniff sharpie gag - Simple, aggressively sniff a sharpie without actually having to smell the sharpie, it’s safe and no chance of getting ink on your face! 
  • Scented touch - One spectator is thinking of an object with a strong aroma, explain how sometimes when smelling a certain scent it can connect memories.. let a second spectator smell the sharpie and and draw the first thing that comes to mind, they draw what the other spectator is thinking of. 
  • Pen thru bill - A inferior but interesting application using this gimmick to perform a seemingly impromptu sharpie through bill.
  • Dry ink refill - Have your spectator sign their card/coin… but the ink is dry! Take it back, close the lid, wait a moment and it magically refills! 
  • Spirit box - A great touch on a spirit box routine, the sharpie opens itself inside a box/bag and writes out a revelation on a blank card.
  • Bag shake revelation - Open a sharpie and place inside a bag, have your spectator shake the bag. Tear open the bag and reveal the scribbles inside the bag draw out their thought! 
  • Roulette - Display 3 sharpies, show them that 2 of them are dry and only one Writes, predict which sharpies are picked in the exact order.