Anniversary Heartz


NO MOVING PIECES! Nothing stuck or sliding around.. just pure practical magic! 

(Trick) includes 25 performances 

(Trick + Refill) includes 75 Performances 

Visually move the ink from one card to another, before having both cards signed, and then fuse them together into an impossible object your audience will remember forever. From one of the most creative magicians of the modern day comes an incredible update to a classic effect. This is Anniversary Heartz by Nicholas Lawrence.

Here's what happens:

The King and Queen of Hearts are removed from the deck, and then with a swipe of the thumb the king gives the queen his heart. You literally drag the pip from the King to the Queen. The corner of the King is blank and the heart is actually printed on the Queen! This effect doesn't stop there. You then have the King and Queen signed by different spectators. The two signed cards are then placed in between the spectator's hands where they impossibly fuse together.

This is an incredible modern take on The Anniversary Waltz plot as only Nicholas Lawrence could do it. Anniversary Heartz comes with the specially constructed gimmicks you need to perform the incredible moving ink effect, ready to go right out of the box. You also get enough gimmicks for 25 memorable performances of the signed Anniversary Waltz finale. The sleights needed for this effect are well within the skill level of any beginner magician. Working pros will love adding an extra phase to their existing Anniversary Waltz routine. Moving ink effects take your audience by surprise. The fused card finale allows you to leave them with a physical memento of the miracle you performed for them, and Anniversary Heartz leaves one of the wildest souvenirs. Move ink and then fuse signed playing cards together with Anniversary Heartz by Nicholas Lawrence.