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Be one of the few to have this beautiful card illusion..

Each gimmick is handmade by Nicholas Lawrence and requires a custom printed card and machine cut parts then meticulously assembled using the finest materials.

These gimmicks take appx 1.5 hr to construct and are very complex, yet very EASY to perform! It looks just as good LIVE as it does on Video!

(The VPM-4D Gimmick is semi-fragile but will LAST a very long time if used with care)

The VPM-4D gimmick is multi functional allowing multiple phases, this means individual pip movement as well you can make all the pips to move at the same time! Giving you a very smooth moving, 4 phased pip matrix routine, in that aspect.. there is Nothing like VPM-4D on the market Today.. 

- No Reset


- Each Gimmick Is Inspected Before Shipping-

This isn’t just another visual magic trick, the gimmick itself is Art and a one of a kind collectors piece..VPM4D is Not meant for rigorous performance..