Nicholas Lawrence Presents

Ultimate Flap Card by Worm


The Ultimate Flap Card 


Worm has changed the game by creating The Ultimate Flap Card which undoubtedly stands out from the rest.. No visible threads, holes, cuts or slits and can be repaired in 30 seconds or less! What?!

Think of it like replacing the band on a Bite-Out coin but even easier!!

What’s Included?! 

-   1 x Flap Card
-   2 x Replacement Bands
-   7 Minute Tutorial 

 Flap cards will always be an amazing visual and tool in a magicians arsenal and have been proven time and time again to be Great for Pros and beginners the same! 

 Until now the Flap Card has been limited.. mainly when having to repair the gimmick by physically sewing the replacement thread.. which is easier said then done! It’s NOT easy..

Each ready to go Handmade Gimmick comes with 2 additional replacement bands, Worm will also teach how to easily make the replacement bands as well.

You heard that right! Effortlessly replace the threads on your Flap Card and easily get back to being Amazing quicker than you can say “The Ultimate Flap Card” 10x fast …

Don’t miss out, Get your Hand Crafted flap card by LA’s finest.. heck, get 2.. or 3!!